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Strain Counterstrain II (SCS II) for the extremity it's consider an entry level too, but we suggest to take this course after the spine course, for the prior relation rachis-extremities. This course focuses on extremities dysfunctions.

Lecture and extensive lab time are spent on:

  • Pelvis and hip evaluation and treatment lab

  • Ankle and fool evaluation and treatment lab

  • Shoulder evaluation and treatment lab

  • Upper extremity evaluation and treatment

  • Lower extremity evaluation and treatment

  • Rachis relation with the extremities

  • Neural & fascia syndromes

  • Agonist-Antagonist muscle relations

  • Unequal arm & leg length

  • Postural Observation

  • Design a home program using SCS philosophy

Emphasis is placed on developing palpatory skills to enhance the students' effectiveness with the techniques. In the seminar will be explained how to evaluate all the major muscle and joints dysfunctions of the extremities and treat the specific area so to release pain and achieve the lost mobility.
Will be explained the connection among the various spine area and the extremities.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the neuromuscular basis for SCS

  • Perform a full body SCS evaluation

  • Perform a SCS treatment techniques for common extremity joint dysfunction

  • Use the SCS documentation format

  • Design a home program using the SCS philosophy

Over 85 different techniques will be demonstrated.

The main dysfunction treated with this course are:
Neck & Head referral pain patterns from shoulder stiffness, Upper & Lower extremity referral pain patterns from neck, thoracic & lumbar region dysfunctions, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Shoulder impingement syndrome, Shoulder bursitis, Fascia pain syndrome, Frozen shoulder, bicipital & tricipital pain, Lateral (Tennis elbow) & Medial (Golf elbow) elbow pain, Varus elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Wrist pain syndromes, Dupuytren's disease, lock finger, Unequal leg length, Gluteus muscle pain pattern irradiation, Trochanter bursitis, Iliotibialis band pain, Inguinal region complains, Hamstring & Quadriceptal pain, knee cap pain, Medial and Lateral meniscus complains, Collateral ligaments sprain, Anterior & Posterior cruciate ligament dysfunctions, Goose-foot area complain, Tibialis & Peron complains, ankle sprain, Valgus hallux pain.

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