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Strain Counterstrain IV (SCS IV) Facilitated technique it's an advance course, accessible after the certificate exam, to attend this course the participant needs to have knowledge over all the Strain Counterstrain techniques.
This course is usually taken as an advance course for well trained practitioners who want to get extremely skilled in Strain & Counterstrain. In fact with this advance class you'll be able to reduce the 90 second hold to 3 to 10 seconds.

Lecture and extensive lab time are spent on:

  • Developing palpatory skills for the advanced facilitated approach

  • apprehending the deep Dural release approach with SCS

  • Teaching the clinicians the profound relation with tender points and adverse neural tension

Review of techniques learned in SCS I, II, and III with facilitation will be demonstrated with lab. New concepts in treatment strategies will be presented to maximize the results with SCS. Included will be a dural release strategy, myofascial pain strategy, modified neuro-tension strategy, cranial strategy and more.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the procedure of the facilitating neurological impulse

  • Obtain a Strain Counterstrain release in few seconds

  • Follow a precise SCS diagnosis and therapy for multiple area of dysfunction

  • Promote a deep Dural release strategy

  • Test neural tension and free it with Strain Counterstrain techniques

The main dysfunction an complaints treated with this course are:
All the somatic, neurological an visceral dysfunction learned in the basic Strain Counterstrain (SCS) courses. In addition the clinician will be able to recognize and treat Dural and neural tension.

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