SCS III - Jones Strain Counterstrain

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Strain Counterstrain III (SCS III) for the cranium it's an advance level.

Lecture and extensive lab time are spent on:

  • Developing palpatory skills on cranial region

  • Trace landmarks on the neuro & splanchnocranium

  • Achieve competent knowledge on cranial restrictions

  • Accomplish expertise on proximal & distal referral pain

  • Comprehension and treatment of gnathology problems

  • Cranial evaluation and treatment lab

  • Practice full body scan

  • Principles of treatment sequencing

Emphasis is placed on developing palpatory skills to enhance the students' effectiveness with the techniques. In the seminar will be explained how to evaluate all the major cranial joints dysfunctions and treat the specific area so to release pain and achieve the lost mobility.

This course focuses on cranial dysfunction and referral cranial complains and deep specific relation with all the regions of the body, is to be taken after at least two years of practice with SCS I and II. Cranial Strain Counterstrain will improve and fasten all your other cranial approaches, and can be integrated perfectly with classical Craio-sacral techniques.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the neuromuscular basis for cranial SCS

  • Perform a full body SCS evaluation with clinical strategy approach

  • Perform a SCS treatment techniques for all cranial dysfunctions

  • Learn over 40 advanced techniques for specific body dysfunctions, not given in the first two courses

  • Use the SCS documentation format

  • Design a home program using the SCS philosophy

Over 70 different techniques will be shown.

The main dysfunction treated with this course are:

Frontal, Sinus, Temple & General headaches, Back-orbital pain, Per orbital pain, Ear ache, Tinnitus, Ear vertigo, Lack of tearing, Nasal obstructions, Maxillary sinus headaches, Dental neuritis, Bruxism, Cervical tension, Referral pain to: Upper shoulder, Thoracic outlet region, Lumbar region complains, iliosacral region, Groin pain, Coccyx pain, Diaphragm muscle tension. Weakness of several muscles as: Gluteus muscles, Thigh muscles, Cervical flexors, Pectorals, Abdominals etc.

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